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7 September 2012

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Dragon Attack III
5 September 2012

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Inspired II
1 September 2012

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Different styles
22 July 2012

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Flying for fun
20 July 2012

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Protective hug
11 July 2012

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Happy Birthday!
23 April 2008

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City Throwing Up
20 September 2007

Recent Comments

omid on Keeping the Flame Alive
very nice & interesting!!! Beautiful lights!!!

Ellebasi on Keeping the Flame Alive
nice graphism

Brat | RCA on Keeping the Flame Alive

marceline on Keeping the Flame Alive
Original avec ces ligne obliques.. j'aime..

Basile Pesso on Dragon Attack III
Excellent !

Soheil on Dragon Attack III
what a nice shot !!! i like it have a nice day :)

Dimitrios on Dragon Attacks II
oh.... impressive

omid on Dragon Attacks!
vey nice & amazing!

Basile Pesso on Dragon Attacks!
Excellent !

Calusarus on Listen...
Very nice close portrait. I like your PoV

Soheil on Perfect Tune
such a nice photo i like it

Nazzareno on Perfect Tune
Great color and light. Gorgeous portrait

Mamyni on Inspired
Formidable expression!

omid on Inspired
wow! very nice! very nice!

Ana Lúcia on Inspired
An excellent portrait of the musician at work.

omid on Curled
very nice! very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

Dimitrios on Life in Music III
a fine close up*

maurizio costantino on Life in Music
very simple & very rich: I love it

marceline on I'm Leaving!
belle prise à l'envol.. jolie coccinelle ..

Tinx on Leaving hometown
Nice shot!

marceline on Leaving hometown
Merveilleuses lumière matinale.. un peu frisquet ! une ambiance que j'adore..

marceline on Everyone likes the sun
I like sun too ! but it's no present now.. beautiful photo !

Tinx on Protective hug

marceline on Aliens are Comin'!!!

marceline on Precious Green World
en toute simplicité..

omid on Protective hug
very nice & so beautiful!!! Lovely!

omid on Knife Cut
very nice & beautiful!

Arash on If only this Wheel were able to Tell its Story...
Beautiful Framing on that Landscape !! :-)

Curly on Poem for Magnificent Solitude
Wonderful gradation of colour in that sky.

Curly on Winter Peace
These natural colours tell everything that I need to know about the scene, it's what has always attracted me to ...

l'Angevine on Winter Peace
le style d'architecture que j'apprécie

l'Angevine on ..waitin' for someone?
impressionnant de voir ces sauveteurs

Brat | RCA on Apocalypse I
interesting image!

omid on Apocalypse I
woooow! very nice & amazing!

omid on October air
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights!

l'Angevine on October air
agréable lorsque le soleil tape

Céline on Waves, unexpectedly
Pretty composition!

omid on Lines and colors
so beautiful!

omid on Don't look down!
very nice & wonderful!

omid on Waves, unexpectedly
very nice & so beautiful!

omid on Fields II
so beautiful!

Florence on Fields I
Nice landscape.

Javier on Fields I
Un parque encantador, da pena pisar el césped!

Giovanna on Protecting the younger / wish of spring....already
Perché non l'hai intitolato: " il ciclamino della mamma"?

vale on Life in two inches
È nato un peperoncino austriaco? Wow!

Vaido on Protecting the younger / wish of spring....already
Well titled :)

Curly on Don't look down!
Oh my word!!

Céline on r u d e
Nice textures !

Katalog Stron on Protecting the younger / wish of spring....already
great image,exellent compo,bravo

Céline on Protecting the younger / wish of spring....already
Beautiful !

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